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Fruit - berries - wine images for kitchen aprons were skinned

Bright and stylish images of fruits on the skin captivate with their color, forcing the taste buds to prepare for delicious dishes in advance. It is known that citrus fruits are not only tasty and healthy, but also beautiful, which is important for creating the right atmosphere. Fruits, especially citrus fruits, in a spray of water will add freshness to the kitchen and increase the household's appetite. Oranges, with their orange, rich color, increase emotional activity. The most relevant for skinny are macro shots of fruits and berries. When using such images on the wall panel, remember that too large objects can "eat" the kitchen space. A bright collage of several fruits or berries in a spray of water or chocolate on a glass apron will undoubtedly attract attention. Wine is a different matter, a special atmosphere is immediately felt here. The wine depicted on skinali emphasizes the significance of the cuisine, making it an excellent place for romantic dinners. Dusty bottles or charming crystal decanters with ruby ​​nectar of grape wine are a must have for extraordinary personalities who love to surround themselves with beauty in all its forms. Wine collage on skinali will become the main bright accent of the kitchen. Still life with wine, grapes, pieces of cheese is a safe bet for any kitchen. The picture with wine barrels on the wall panel will be a great addition to the Provence style interior. And wine against the backdrop of a green vineyard with hanging vines can remind you of the history of the creation of real wine. In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ” Our catalog for skinal contains only high-resolution panoramic images, which allow us to make a glass apron in perfect quality.


The colors on your monitor may differ slightly from the actual colors. The colors displayed on the screen were reproduced electronically. They do not replace the original colors, because color perception is influenced by factors such as surface texture, gloss and lighting, among others. Before choosing the latest version of the image, we recommend that you evaluate them in several electronic environments or order a test print.