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Coffee - tea - chocolate images for kitchen aprons were skinned

Coffee is a symbol of financial prosperity. Coffee, aromatic and invigorating, and even with a croissant or a delicious cookie! Yes, in good company ... Is it difficult for you to imagine this without an increased heart rate? Then feel free to choose skins with coffee pictures. Set up a "cafeteria" at home! You will be guaranteed a good and cheerful mood from your stay in the kitchen. In terms of color, such patterns will fit into every style of kitchen sets and rooms. Classic style lockers and tables will sparkle in a special way if the image of coffee beans on the skin will dilute a bright color spot, for example, leaves or bright dishes. The minimalism of the Hi-Tech style will be balanced by a coffee apron that will add softness and a cozy home atmosphere. That is why coffee motifs in skinale are so popular. Tea is an integral part of life these days. Boring friendly conversations over a cup of tea promote peace of mind and generate positive thoughts. A glass apron with a tea theme will bring more warmth and home comfort to the kitchen interior. Mouth-watering chocolate bars, gourmet sweets, and chocolate-coated fruits are a real dream for any connoisseur of sweet treats. Attractive skins, decorated with chocolate rivers with juicy strawberries, look very organic in the kitchen. In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. Our catalog for skinal contains only high-resolution panoramic images, which allow us to make a glass apron in perfect quality.


The colors on your monitor may differ slightly from the actual colors. The colors displayed on the screen were reproduced electronically. They do not replace the original colors, because color perception is influenced by factors such as surface texture, gloss and lighting, among others. Before choosing the latest version of the image, we recommend that you evaluate them in several electronic environments or order a test print.